Digestion! How Does It Affect Your Body And Health?

Everyone was born with a digestive system. Why would it affect my body or my health?

Eating a high fiber diet this is how to improve gut health for women during pregnancy.

Nothing that complex about it, it’s just something like an auto pilot. Food comes in, gets digested, the stomach takes what it needs and what’s left over goes out again; just a simple everyday procedure. These are the workings of a normal healthy digestive system. Most people do not realize that 80 percent of the immune system is within the digestive track. The focal point here is, only with a healthy gut and only than optimal health is achievable. No matter what age, our digestive system is an important function in our body and health.

How does it all work?

According to research as high as eight out of ten people may have a digestive issue. Increasing food intolerance is by many ignored or gone unnoticed. Many health problems can come from bad or wrong intestinal bacteria, probiotics-I.E, healthy bacteria. The best and only option to get a good amount of probiotics is the right food; this will restore the body’s gut flora.

Many health issues as well as allergies usually come from poor gut health. The digestive system often is not performing the way it should and this can cause undigested food bacteria and metabolic wastes. The digestive track goes a long way down; the length of an entire digestive system starting from the mouth all the way down is about 30 feet or 9.1 metres long. That alone seems incredible and makes it even worse if something goes wrong with it.

Maintaining a healthy digestive system means a natural healthy diet, regular exercise, eating slowly, moderately and regularly, chewing food well and eating food rich in fibre.

Fibre plays an important part for healthy digestion. A fibre rich diet as high as 30 grams per day encourages passage of material through the digestive system.

How to get back a healthy gut?

Fermented food for a healthy gut has many health benefits and is the most powerful way to restore gut inflammation disorders.

The growing and continuous consumption of processed foods has dramatically altered our diet. The results from this over the years is prove of the rapidly increase of chronic health problems. We no longer receive traditional fermented foods in our every day diet which produces the natural culturing process that includes all the beneficial microbes we desperately need for our health. There is no medication as effective as fermented food to correct any digestive or bad gut conditions in its own way. It works as a detox agent to rid the body of a variety of toxins.

When choosing fermented food, don’t get this mixed up with any pasteurized version. Pasteurization will do just the opposite and destroys many of the natural occurring properties and does not correct any bad gut syndromes.

Many of these probiotic products contain added sugars, high fructose, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and colouring. These have no health benefits; most of them will only worsen your health.

Fermented food!

To ensure optimal gut flora regularly consume fermented food such as various fermentations of sauerkraut, cucumber, cabbage, squash, onions, eggplant, turnips, carrots etc. Introduce fermented vegetables to your diet gradually and slowly work your way up. Fermented vegetables are easy to prepare in your own kitchen and are most effective in getting good amounts of healthy probiotics in your meals. This will also improve your fibre intake and at the same time can lower the risk of developing many diseases including colorectal cancer which is often linked to bad digestion over long time.

Reduce the intake of processed food as much as possible; they generally have little nutrition or fibre and are known to contain large amounts of saturated fats.

Drink plenty of fluids especially filtered water, but make sure to never ever drink water with a hot meal; this would have a deadly effect on your digestive system.

Regardless of age you will notice changes in your gut; you will notice when positive changes occur as the intestinal bacteria ratio changes from bad to good and has gone back into a normal balance.

Digestive problems will disappear. The body will absorb good food and nutritional supplements better. The immune system becomes healthier and better equipped to fight off illness and diseases and your general health will improve.

Be vigilant of what you consume because your health and life depends on it.

The power of knowledge will give you the health you deserve!

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