Five Minutes of Exercise Could Do Away with Back Pain, Research Finds

Back pain is really normal especially of you always join performing Pilates Northern Beaches. This is good news for anyone who has ever suffered from headaches, back pain or other forms of back pain. Just five minutes of moderate exercise on a regular basis can help solve the problem. This is not just good news for sufferers of back pain, but it could also lead to better health for everyone else.

Exercising for at least five minutes a day is one of the most effective ways to reduce the pain in your back, a research study has found. The results suggest that regular exercise could help many people with back pain get relief. Researchers from McMaster University in Ontario found that those who practiced yoga had less pressure on their joints when they were exercising than those who didn’t exercise at all. And while the study looked only at people with pain in their shoulders, back or pelvic region, researchers said the results could apply to other areas of the body.

Research suggests that sitting for long periods can increase your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This doesn’t sound like something you should be doing, but a study found that those who sat for long periods had more pain in the following weeks. And, those with back pain were 25% more likely to carry out activities that help release pressure on their joints when they stood up from a seated position for just five minutes. You can find out more about how to burn extra calories in less than five minutes by clicking here.

Research shows regular exercise can reduce spasms in the back and pain in the muscles and joints. That’s good news for people who suffer from back pain, into which around 80% of people by 2015 were admitted. Not only does regular exercise ease the discomfort, but it can also help to prevent future problems by encouraging the repair of damaged muscles and ligaments. Commonly affected areas include those around the shoulders, neck, and lower back. Everybody fitness goals is to get fit and far from any sickness.

Research has shown regular physical activity can lead to a substantial reduction in back pain. A study of more than 1,000 people concluded physical activity contributed to pain relief in 77 percent of cases. And the more time you spend exercising, the less likely you are to develop back pain. The good news is the more you exercise, the less impact your injury will have on your quality of life. You may have noticed a difference already: After a hard day’s work, your muscles and joints feel wonderfully lubricated and ready for the day’s activities.