How to Improve Your Child’s Gut Health?

Gut health diet has even been linked to anxiety and depression, and to neurological conditions like schizophrenia and dementia. Parents, especially moms, have several things to take care of at once. Hence, it can get a bit too difficult for them to focus on anything and everything that’s going on. However, when it comes to the health of their child, moms tend to develop special superpowers and notice even the slightest amiss with their young ones! Digestive disorder, for instance, is one of the most easily and quickly recognizable health issues moms figure out in no time.

One moment the child would be all happy and active, and the next moment they can be seen down with poor digestive health. In this section, let’s know more about children’s gut flora importance and ways to improve their gut health.

Importance of maintaining good gut health

In children, good intestinal bacteria, also known as good bacteria in stomach, begins to grow right after birth. They help in keeping the stomach healthy by monitoring the gut ecosystem. Good intestinal bacteria also helps in maintaining healthy gut ecosystem alongside functions like digesting food, increase immunity, and looking after nerve health.

Kids’ gut health depends upon a myriad of factors including diet, exposure to germs, use of antibiotics, etc. Their gut develops when they turn three and is more or less like that of an adult’s, and stays with them for lifelong.

A healthy gut keeps the child healthy. But when the gut is not taken proper care of, it can cause acute or chronic disorders like diarrhoea, constipation, stomach ache, irritable bowel movements, vomiting, etc. These disorders not only affect the children physically but also take a toll on their mental health. Hence, it is very important to ensure kids’ healthy gut habits right from the start.

Tips to maintain kids’ healthy gut

When it comes to maintaining gut health in kids, it is very important to put in an adequate amount of research to pick only the best for your child. Here’s a few tips to help you through:

  • Breast milk is capable to adapt to the baby’s age and needs. Hence, exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and then for as long as possible is a great start in improving and maintaining good gut health in the future.
  • Inclusion of fiber in diet plays an important role in maintaining good gut health. Fiber not only eases bowel movements but also enables the food to move smoothly through the digestive tract. Quinoa, beans, oats, and lentils are good choices.
  • Saturated fats in the form of junk food, artificial sweeteners, and beverages affect good bacteria in the gut. They can be replaced with healthier options along with fiber-rich foods for good gut health.
  • Opt for lean meats as they are easily digestible as well as aid in quick absorption of nutrients. They also help in keeping gut bacterial flora healthier and fresher. Chicken can be a suitable alternative of lean meat.
  • Staying hydrated all the time is the most important way of enhancing gut health. Ensure that your child is getting sufficient fluids throughout the day. Complement their diet with coconut juice, fresh fruit juices, cucumbers, watermelons, etc.

Besides, doctors also suggest probiotic drinks like Enterogermina for instant and prolonged relief from gut problems. It not only improves child’s stomach health but also helps in restoring gut flora. Consult your doctor and bring home Enterogermina today!