Protein Digestion and Digestive Health: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Gut health foods those leafy greens, such as spinach or kale, are excellent sources of fiber, as well as nutrients like folate, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A are really the cure. Protein digestion and digestive health are two sides of the same coin. You simply can’t have one without the other. When you’re not properly digesting the food you eat, it will set off a whole series of events that not only affect your digestive system itself, but affect your overall health in ways that you probably can’t imagine.

When your digestive system begins to slow down, it is unable to properly digest the food you consume. This results in several things happening all at once. Since that food you consumed isn’t broken down properly, the nutrients in that food cannot be extracted. This means your digestive system is not supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain good health. As you know, lack of proper nutrients can result in everything from dull hair to fatigue, to very serious problems like heart problems, IBS, and even colon cancer.

Additionally, the food that isn’t properly digested begins to rot, and rotting food is passed into the small intestine, along with toxins more of the bad bacteria that we all have in our digestive system. In some cases, the cells in the lining of the gut become distorted, and when this happens the rotted food, bacteria, and toxins pass into your blood stream.

Digestive Health And Leaky Gut Syndrome

This is known as leaky gut syndrome. And when the condition occurs, the immune system is alerted to the foreign matter and seeks to deal with the problem by creating inflammation, allergic responses, and a number of other defensive maneuvers.

If the immune system then becomes ‘overloaded’, the liver can’t deal with the influx of toxins and everything gets sent back to the blood, where all of these unwanted substances are then delivered to your muscles and other organs.

This is not a pretty picture, and it is easy to understand why doctors now link undigested food in the colon to colon and other types of cancers, as well as degenerative diseases. And this all may play a role in conditions such as Crohn’s disease, Lupus, certain types of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and a number of other conditions that plague millions of people.

Surprisingly, scientists don’t yet know whether or not leaky gut syndrome is a major cause of poor digestive health, or if poor digestive health is a leading cause of leaky gut syndrome. This is mainly because in leaky gut syndrome, the body quits producing the enzymes that are necessary to digest food. On the other hand, antibiotics and their killing of all bacteria including the good, lack of prebiotic fiber, and improperly digested food, can all lead to leaky gut syndrome.

Ultimately, it really isn’t important which condition comes first. What is important is that a good prebiotic supplement can restore digestive health, which in turn can help to end leaky gut syndrome.

Prebiotics – Protein Digestion – Digestive Health

The best prebiotic supplements to take are those with active enzymes that will aid in protein digestion and digestive health. By supplying your digestive system with active enzymes, you are increasing the density of these enzymes, and making it possible for the food you eat to get digested.

Studies show that taking a good prebiotic supplement loaded with active enzymes can not only help digest those stubborn proteins like milk and beef more completely, but in far less time as well. The more food that is digested the more of the necessary nutrients your body can absorb, and less undigested and rotted food makes it to your small intestines and into your blood stream. In addition, these enzymes help to remove toxins in your digestive system, keeping them out of your blood stream as well.

The best prebiotics supplement not only aids with protein digestion and digestive health, but it also aids your digestive health by supplying the prebiotics that are necessary for the good bacteria to thrive and grow, phenols that inhibit the growth of the bad bacteria, and soluble fiber to further help your body digest necessary nutrients, while also having an impact on regularity.

When your digestive system is functioning properly, it isn’t taxing the lining of your gut-resulting in foreign matter not entering your blood stream, and thus improving your overall health by stopping the damage that poor digestive health and leaky gut syndrome can cause.

Protein digestion and digestive health are one of the critical benefits that a prebiotics supplement can provide to you, including alleviating the risk of leaky gut syndrome.

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